The Flaight / FlyFan website is currently under (re)construction, like so many things in this tumultuous year. So we kept it basic, elemental. But we do have a story (a 5 minute read) to tell. About something new, different and challenging. Based on a creative combo of athletes, artists, advertisers, arenas and all those aficionados, best known as fans!

Welcome to the future of sportscasting

Just DON'T call it television.

It may look like it. But no, it isn't.

Drone a game to own a game

At FlyFan it is our ambition to safely fly a specially designed AI camDrone with a 360° camera over a sports event. A cutting-edge production tool for streaming to smartphones in living rooms. It lets sports fans own the game at home by giving each of them their own full control over the 360° image. Exactly like they would, watching from a seat in the stands at the arena that they are currently locked out of....

Of course, everything that we are bringing up about sports applies equally well to big live-on-tour concerts in large stadiums or to turbulent open air music festivals on great summer days!

Instead of, what companies always do, emphasizing the stunning technology integration behind their product - and there is a lot of impressive artificial intelligence deep tech in FlyFan - we would like to look at the motivation for our startup. Look at the emotional aspects. After all both sports and music are deeply rooted in emotions. In a unique mixture of passion and fun.

Now take sports games. There are two places to watch it. On the field or in an arena and at home, on TV. As far as FlyFan is concerned it’s an easy choice. “Nothing beats being there“. We would always choose the arena. Except... today most stadiums are (largely) empty.

We are still in the middle of a highly contagious pandemic and nobody knows when it will end and how - if we may focus on sports - it could eventually come out of this all-pervading crisis. So for now, in many countries and cities, you stay home, watch TV or pick an internet stream. As a streaming service FlyFan can clearly fill a post-Covid-19 void, being able to enrich it with high-profile sports content that in another era drew tens of thousands of fans to bustling arenas. And we can do so much more!

Obviously, big-ticket games will eventually return to the stadiums and North American and global audiences will start trickling back. Yet some observers predict the home small-screen summer's impact will linger longer. “You've been taught to watch so much content at home" they say. "The sponsorship playing field, the number of times you go to the sports arena, they may be changed forever. Because you and so many others have adopted - and have adapted to - a new behaviour.”

Understanding the FlyFan business model and the problem it intends to solve is easy when you recognize that, from a television perspective, from your living room couch, you are, and will always be, a viewer, a spectator. Someone at a distance, an observer. Regardless of all your love for the game or how big a fan you are of one of the teams or any of the athletes, you remain a bystander.

Being at the side of the game is of course totally different from being a player, in the field, on the ice. As a athlete, a competitor, you’re an active part of the action, you move with that action, you move with the game. And that’s exactly what the FlyFan camDrone does.

From its fixed flight level at 6 meters (19.68 feet) the FlyFan camDrone homes in on the action, follows it, stays with it. It is closer to the action than most fans in the stands can ever be, closer than any fan watching television could ever feel to be, even with the closest of tv close-ups. Close-ups that - consistently - are encapsulated, cut off from the rest of the action. Always, even if it’s just for a few seconds, your emotion is directed towards a camera view that you yourself never chose. The director selected it for you in his TV truck outside the arena. And with each new, different point of view, all game long, comes a new and different emotion.

FlyFan’s approach couldn’t be more contrasting. The 360° image that you have constantly been watching and controlling on your phone‘s screen is your choice. It is one perpetual uninterrupted motion that allows you to look wherever you want while sitting on your living room couch. The same way you would follow the action, and look anywhere you want, from your seat in the arena stands.

With that flowing motion from the drone comes the continuance of your emotion, an effortless non-stop, experience. A true “being there” emotion. From the best seat. In the air. Nothing disturbs your empathy, your personal involvement with the athletes. It’s their game but now you own it too. You’re no longer a bystander. You’re on top of their game that has also become your game.

Get Our Drone On Your Phone

It is pure and simple. You download the app onto your smartphone or tablet, connect it to a flat-screen (we'll tell you how), sit down and immerse yourself. Invite your friends online and TJET™ with FlyFan's built-in voice2chat option. Don't forget to grab a beer. Have fun!

Oh, two more things.

If watching the 360° stream from the camDrone feels like a playing a game, you’re right. FlyFan is targeted at fans from Gen Z and Gen. In the US two in three millennials play video games each month (source: Millennials that are top of the list for every major sponsor.  FlyFan offers a broad spectrum of excellent, attributable advertising opportunities, including advanced co-marketing. With a significantly higher chance of reaching those between 18 and 40 that have cut the cord and no longer watch traditional television.  

Most of all, FlyFan is the platform that expands arenas into living rooms. For stadiums selling extra seats will be the massive take-away. Unlimited, risk-free seats - to fill without worries about physical distancing - will bring in extra revenues and extensive social media based CRM opportunities for a wide variety of sports teams, concert promoters, athletes, artists and arenas. And again - we can't stress it enough - many extra eyeballs for both big brand sponsors and small local advertisers.

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